If you’re a Filipino sports fan who’s curious about how NBA betting works and how to bet on NBA games, read on.

It is undeniable that Filipino sports fans love basketball the most. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is touted as one of the biggest markets for placing bets in the Philippines.

Acclaimed players like Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, and Michael Jordan have propelled the game to new heights in the last decades. Filipinos are also big fans of NBA teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat.

When it comes to wagering, NBA games were among those which claimed the largest boom since online betting markets hit the mainstream scene. This guide is meant to help you start betting on NBA games.

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NBA Betting: How to Read the Odds?

While winning money on betting could be challenging, knowing the odds is a must to get a foot in the door. NBA betting odds are displayed in three popular formats. They are decimal odds, fractional odds, and moneyline odds.

In order to experience a great NBA wagering adventure, you need to understand the difference between odds and probability. While they are linked, odds do not necessarily point to the chances of something happening.

In probability, on the other hand, bettors and sportsbooks are going to have different NBA stake predictions on the likely outcome of a game. Being successful in NBA speculations is largely dependent on making precise assessments about the probability of an outcome, and then understanding if the odds of that outcome make a bet worthwhile.

To make your wagers on NBA predictions substantiated, it is important to understand implied probability, which is what the odds suggest the chances of any given outcome happening are.

Decimal Odds

The first odds type we talk about are decimal odds. In essence, decimal odds show the amount players can win for every $1 stake. For example, if someone places a $1 bet at 3.30 odds, they have a chance of winning $3.30. Moreover, this odds type shows the sum between the staked amount and the amount won. In the example we have shown, the sum of our winnings is 3.30$.

There, $1 represents our stake and the remaining amount, $2.30, represents our actual profit. Notably, because we can understand them and calculate the winnings easily, this type of odds is used worldwide. Also, decimal odds are preferred for their precision. For instance, instead of 2.70, customers can encounter a decimal odds offer such as 2.73, 2.78, etc.

TeamsDecimal Odds
Miami Heat2.15
Philadelphia 76ers1.71

Fractional Odds

Unlike decimal odds, fractional odds represent the profit amount players can have by placing certain bets. To elaborate, if someone wagers 1$ at the odds of 4/1, it means that their profit is 4$. In addition to making a 4$ profit, the person wagering will also get the 1$ stake in return. Conclusively, the person will get 5$ in total.

Sometimes, fractional odds may be a bit difficult to calculate for users who are not familiar with this type of odds. If we consider the two fractional odds, like 3/11 and 5/12, we may have a hard time distinguishing which of the odds offers a bigger profit. Lastly, as we have mentioned, fractional odds are less precise compared to decimal odds.

TeamsFractional Odds
Phoenix Suns0.77/1
Dallas Mavericks1.1/1

Moneyline Odds

First of all, moneyline odds feature the + and – signs. Furthermore, the + sign is used for competitors less likely to win, i.e. for underdogs. The moneyline odds + sign simply displays the amount of money users could win if they place a $100 bet. To exemplify, placing a $100 bet at the odds of +180 gets users a chance to make a $180 profit. On top of that, users will get their initial 100$ in return, totaling $280.

On the other hand, the – sign in moneyline odds shows the amount which players should wager in order to earn $100. To illustrate, if the odds are -540, it means that customers should wager $540 to get the same amount in return and make an additional profit of $100. Clearly, the entire amount which users get here is $640.

TeamsMoneyline Odds
Milwaukee Bucks+150
Boston Celtics-150
NBA Online Betting

Types of NBA Betting Markets

Betting options and NBA betting markets have increased sharply since the advent of NBA online betting.

These are some of the most common ways to bet on the NBA:

Handicap Betting

Also called line betting, you wager on whether a team will cover a point spread set by the bookmaker. In the NBA betting lines, the favorite must win by more than the set number of points, while the underdog must win or lose by less than the spread.

Totals (Overs/Unders)

You bet on the total number of points that will be scored in a game. It is either under or over a total set by sportsbooks. For example, if the total is set at 210.5 between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers, if you bet over, then it means the totals will be over 210.5.


Here, you pick a winner. The NBA betting lines will be designated by a negative or positive number. The team with odds that have a negative number is the favorite; the positive number is the underdog.


You bet on future events, such as the winner of the NBA Finals, or how many games a team will win in the regular season.


Prop wagers are usually of the yes-or-no kind, such as whether Stephen Curry will score more than 35 points in a game, or if Kyrie Irving will have more than 10 rebounds.


It is a wager that includes more than one event. It can either be a single event or multiple ones. For example, you can bet on the Miami Heat to win as well as on the total score.

NBA Online Betting

With the changing times, fans have turned to online platforms to catch sites for NBA live streaming and wager. Why?

For many sports fans, NBA betting online comes with ease. You can bet wherever you want, whether at home or in the office. It’s easy to look for sites for NBA live streaming even when you are not in the country.

The most popular NBA teams are the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls, making them the top teams to bet on as well.

What Is Live Betting?

A live bet is a bet that you can place after an event has already started. Bookmakers will constantly alter their odds, which depends on how the match is playing out.

Live betting for NBA is not just for those who came late to place their bets before the actual game. It’s usually preferred by many bettors who would choose to wait to place their bets because they want to watch basketball NBA live to witness the game flow.

In live betting, timing is crucial. Some bookmakers make updates on their live odds after every basket or missed shot.

If you want to dive into basketball NBA live betting, it is best to track a sportsbook’s live bets on their betting apps or on their odds boards in person. This way, you will have a grasp of just how quickly the odds can change.

Best NBA Betting Sites

Selecting the right sports betting site is crucial to boosting your betting experience. The truth is, that there are hundreds of real money betting sites every year. So, choosing the best sites might be challenging.

However, your online betting sites must meet these requirements:

  • Properly licensed to offer regulated and legal online sports betting;
  • Owned and managed by reputable operators;
  • Trusted and demonstrably safe for bettors;

However, these are just the minimum. You should also choose a betting site that offers the best odds, secure and fast payouts when you win, and a large number of special betting offers, promotions and bonuses.

Pick a bookmaker that offers an impressive list of betting markets, so you get plenty of options while exploring the NBA betting scene.

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How to Bet on NBA Games?

Finally, you are now ready to dive into NBA online betting. We’ve gathered some NBA betting tips and a quick step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Choose a good sportsbook. While scams abound online, make sure to find a reputable sports betting site.
  2. Make the most out of signup bonuses. You can receive bonuses on the amount of cash you deposit. Use your NBA bets to earn the bonus payout.
  3. Make a deposit. After picking an NBA sports betting site, deposit money through credit or debit cards, Paypal, or via cryptocurrencies.
  4. NBA Betting Lines Shopping. Take your time to shop at other online bookmakers. If you like a line at a sportsbook, check if you can look for another one with a better one.
  5. Place your bet. You already have your line. Now, you’re ready to place your bet.

NBA Betting Season

As the season is progressing, fans are getting more excited about the NBA games and NBA online betting promos. Interestingly, the NBA season has already reached the playoff stage. Mainly, there are two Conferences taking part in the tournament, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference.

Speaking of the playoff Conferences’ structure, we may say that they start with the 1/8 round. Namely, the teams which take the ranking from positions 1 to 6 directly qualify for the playoff 1/8 round.

On the other hand, the teams ranking from 7th to 10th position qualify for the NBA promotion stage. Furthermore, the teams which go beyond the round 1/8 join the quarterfinal stage. Then, there are semifinals, all the way to the last round, which is the finals. 

When it comes to the teams playing for a shot at the league championship, the competition is very strong. More accurately, the teams having the highest chances of winning the Western Conference are Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors.

As for the Eastern Conference, the favorites to win are Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat. Finally, the odds for winning the entire tournament work in favor of the two Western rivals we have already mentioned. Clearly, these are Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors.

Lastly, there are plenty of NBA online betting promos available on various sportsbooks’ websites. To find the latest NBA odds and discover NBA predictions, customers may visit the top sportsbooks’ official websites. Additionally, on the sportsbooks’ websites, users may find NBA predictions and numerous betting options, such as live betting.

Yes, it is. Players from the Philippines may place bets on NBA games after checking which sportsbooks are available in this country. Apart from this, users also need to check if a certain sportsbook has the license to operate legally. Once customers have checked this information, they may follow the best NBA betting promos and NBA predictions related to betting.

However, it is important to note that there are no online Filipino sportsbooks. Because of this, online betting fans may opt for an international sportsbook. Luckily, this is not difficult to do as all players need to do is search for some international sportsbooks online. For more information, they may check the preceding part of this NBA sportsbook review.

2022 NBA Odds to Win the Finals

Knowing the passion behind users’ will to discover the latest and most popular NBA odds, we include the table below.

TeamNBA Odds to Win the Finals
Phoenix Suns+225
Golden State Warriors+225
Milwaukee Bucks+400
Miami Heat+550
Boston Celtics+1000
Philadelphia 76ers+3000
Memphis Grizzlies +4000
Dallas Mavericks+5000
*odds frequently change, check the latest odds to better aid you in building your betting strategy

In order to find more NBA odds to win the finals, players may look for the most popular sportsbooks’ websites. Plus, customers may use the NBA betting app for a more convenient experience.
Now you have everything you need to start betting on NBA games! Don’t forget to do more research on the teams, injuries, and the latest news so you are fully informed on which bets to take.