Betting on esports is becoming more popular by the day in the Philippines. Whether it is desktop gaming or mobile gaming, it has blown up and created various esports teams, leagues, streamers, and even influencers.

With that in mind, no wonder that betting on esports like Dota 2 has become so popular in the Philippines. We offer our guide on where to find the best betting sites and what are some of the most popular egames.

Read our review to find out everything you need to know about esports betting.

Best Esports Betting Sites

Identifying the best betting sites is not an easy task. You need to know what makes a good operator. We offer a list of essential factors to consider when choosing your esports bookie.

Proper License

Online betting is not legal in the Philippines if the operator is local. In other words, you need to use some international operators. Thus, you need to ensure that the operator is fully legal and licensed. There are multiple licensing companies that are renowned in the gambling world for their work. Some of them include the Gibraltar Gaming Association, the UK Gambling Commission, the Government of Curacao, and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Trusted, Safe, and Secure

Furthermore, you need to ensure that the operator you will be using is safe and secure. While the licensing companies do most of the work, you can do some additional work. Customers can always check other reviews and see what other people’s experiences are.

Wide Range of Esport Games, Betting Types, Odds

If you are looking for a decent bookie, you need to ensure that they offer various betting markets for different online games. There are quite a few competitive online games that you can bet on, and if you are looking for something specific, you need to ensure that the bookie has it in their repertoire.

Furthermore, it is not only about having a variety of games. The bookie should also have different betting markets. In other words, check if the bookie offers different markets, not only the most basic ones.

User Interface

Finding a sportsbook that is not only pleasant to the eye but also functional will prove to be worth the research. Some bookies have complicated interfaces. To make things easier, you want to find one that is intuitive. In other words, you want to easily navigate the website without analysing what is where.

Sign-up Bonuses

There is practically no sportsbook today that doesn’t have a welcome offer. You want to find the right one. There are various options and promotions in the form of free bets, in-game currency, etc. Make sure to read the fine print in the promotions, as many of them have unreasonable wagering requirements.

Banking Options

Most bookies will offer variety in their payment methods section. However, it is a matter of providing the right ones. While some of the most standard ones will be enough for most customers, it’s always good to have some extra, just in case.

For example, one of the most popular e-wallets in the Philippines is Gcash. So that is always a good thing to look for in bookies. The most common methods include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin
  • Gcash

Customer Support

Eventually, you will have some problems with your online betting sites, and you will need help from the support centre. Checking to see if they are available 24/7 is good, but it is not necessary. Usually, some of the most popular methods offered include:

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Phone number

Mobile App Option

One of the factors to consider when finding your esports betting site is their accessibility. Aside from being easy to use, check if they offer an app or if their website is mobile-friendly. Some prefer to use the app, so if you are one of them, just check if they provide one, and that might help you find the right esports bookie.

Esports Betting

Picking From Traditional Bookmakers Vs Esports Betting Sites

With the rise in the popularity of betting on esports, various famous sportsbooks have started offering an esports section. While you can use standard sportsbooks, there are also new esports-focused bookies. They focus primarily on esports, and with that, they have some advantages compared to traditional bookmakers.

Esports betting sites will offer a variety of gamer-oriented features. For example, streaming will include commentary from either some streamers or egame related figures. Furthermore, they will most likely have a wider variety of streams. In other words, esports betting sites will be more attractive to the gaming community who want to bet.

Traditional bookmakers will most likely offer more diversity in betting markets. However, depending on the bookie, this might not be the case. Furthermore, standard betting sites are more established. In other words, they are most likely already a popular option for sports betting, and have a reputation.

Nonetheless, we can’t say that one is better than the other. It comes down to the customer’s preference. Whatever you feel the most comfortable with should be your option.

Types of Esports Bets

There are multiple markets that you can bet on in esports. While we list some of them in the following text, please note that the options might vary depending on the choice of the bookie. Your betting site might have different markets available.

Tournament Winner

One of the standard betting markets is betting on who wins the tournament or competition. There will always be favourites, determined by their past performance, roster, etc. However, the favourite team might not always take the win, so you should do your own research and find the team you think has the highest chance of winning despite the odds.

Bracket / Group Winner

Before the main stage begins, there are usually group stages. Like the tournament winner bet, you can place bets on who you think will advance, be the first in the group, or win in the bracket.

Match Winner

Match winner is the most straightforward betting market. You place your bet on the team you think is going to win the matchup. Additionally, there might be Best of Three games. In those matchups, your team needs to win two games for the bet to be valid.

Correct Points/Score

The correct points or score format is a bit more complex. The form might vary depending on the egame. Essentially, you need to predict the correct score or points in the game. Furthermore, it is one of the most challenging markets to predict. That is why bettors make these bets on live games.


Similar to the correct score market, over/under is a market where a particular line is given, and you need to predict whether there will be more or less. For example, if the line is the number of kills in a DotA 2 game, you can bet on either over or under that amount of kills to happen.


There are various time betting markets. For example, if a game has a time limit, you can bet on whether it will go overtime or be finished in the given time frame. Furthermore, you can try and bet on what minute something game-related will happen, for example, first blood.

First Kill/First Blood

Pretty simple market. You predict who takes the first kill or first blood. For example, in CS: GO, you can bet on a particular player taking first blood for his team.

Most Kills

Most kills betting market is straightforward. You place your bets on the player you think will have the most kills at the end of the game. In certain egames, you can also bet on who might have the most assists.

Map Betting

In some egames, such as CS:GO, where they play more than one map, you can bet on who wins which map. For example, a specific team might be better at playing Dust II, so you can place your bet on them winning that map.

Handicap Bets

The handicap market equalises the odds for the two teams in the matchup. If a team is considered stronger, they might be given a certain handicap in the number of kills. The team needs to win with a score difference bigger than the set handicap.

Esports Betting Odds

Usually, you will have a favourite team and an underdog in esports betting odds. The betting sites or bookies offer these odds. However, the favoured team will not always take the win. You need to do your own research and, based on your analysis, place your bets even on the underdog if needed.

One of the things to look at in your research can be other people’s predictions. Although, they will not always be right in their predictions.

Furthermore, to potentially increase your winnings, you should always check various sportsbooks or betting sites and compare the odds. For example, one betting site might offer better odds for the same market than the other. You will, of course, try to use the better odds.

Live Betting Odds

If you are uncertain about a particular match, you can always wait for it to begin and try live betting. Once you have additional information, for example, how a certain team is performing or if they have taken first blood, for instance, you can use that to your advantage.

However, you will not be the only one looking at the match. The bookies will most likely update the odds according to what is going on in the match. So while having additional information is good, the bookies might reduce the odds.

We have listed some of the most popular betting markets in esports betting. Additionally, there are multiple egames available for betting. We list some of the more popular games.


MOBA, short for the multiplayer online battle arena, are games where two teams battle each other in a predefined battle arena. Most commonly, the objective is to destroy the opponents’ main structure. We list some of the most popular MOBA games. You can use most of the aforementioned betting markets to bet on any of the following MOBA games.

Dota 2 Betting

DotA 2, short for Defence of the Ancients 2, is one of the most popular MOBA games. In DotA 2, two teams consisting of five players try to destroy each other’s Ancient. Each player controls a single hero, and computer-controlled minions join them to help them in their mission. In the Philippines, DotA 2 betting is one of the most popular options.

League of Legends Betting

Similarly, League of Legends is another very popular MOBA game. In LoL, two teams consisting of five players try to destroy each other’s Nexus. Although very similar, DotA 2 and LoL are still very different in style.

Mobile Legends Betting

Mobile Legends is just like any other MOBA, but for mobile phones. Like other MOBAs, it is two teams battling out in an arena. The characters you can play are fairly similar, but some items, boosts, designs, and stats are different. If you happen to see people hunching their backs, playing loudly on their phones in the Philippines, they are probably playing Mobile Legends. You can use any of the markets that we have discussed earlier.


FPS is short for First Person Shooters. They are prevalent worldwide, very popular on Youtube, Twitch streamers, old and young alike! A very strategic and sometimes team-based games that has made a category for itself for immersing gamers to outstanding worlds that never fails to amuse. A big benefit of playing FPS games is that every game is always different, so it is hard to get bored at it plus it makes for a very exciting and diverse betting story. We will list some of the most commonly played games.

Valorant Betting

Riot Games, the company that made League of Legends, made Valorant. The game is relatively new, but it is taking over the FPS community very fast. You can use quite a few different markets to bet on Valorant.

Call of Duty Betting

Call of Duty has been around for quite some time now. Activision released the first Call of Duty in 2003, and multiple other titles have come out since then. Still relevant even today, there are various modes of gameplay available for betting.

Overwatch Betting

Overwatch is a hero first-person shooter. There have been some updates where the creators turned it into a PvE, where you and your team fight against the environment. However, there are no betting markets for PvE games. You can still bet on the PvP, though, which is played in tournaments regularly.

CSGO Betting

The most commonly bet on egame is CS: GO. There are different maps to be played in the game, and the game goes on until one team wins 16 rounds. Thus, there are various betting markets to try out.

Other Titles

There are multiple other genres of games available for betting. Sweeping over the gaming industry recently are battle royal games. For example, 50 players are dropped on a map, and the last one standing is the winner. Card games have also been very popular for quite long.

Apex Legends Betting

Apex legends is a hero battle royal game where three-person or two-person squads battle to be the last one standing. This is an interesting gaming format and definitely one where you can make various bets.

Fortnite Betting

Fortnite, another battle royal game, became extremely popular when it was released. However, its popularity has been on and off after that. Still, regular tournaments are held, so you can try betting on it.

Hearthstone Betting

Hearthstone is one of the most popular online card games. Collecting cards is part of the game, and then using them in play to beat your opponent with them is the primary goal. There are international tournaments played regularly, so betting on them is common.

PUBG Betting

PUBG is a realistic battle royal game. Similar to Apex and Fortnite, teams of three players enter the arena, and only one team can be the winner. Like the two mentioned, there are endless possibilities for betting on this game.

Starcraft Betting

StarCraft has a long history and is known as one of the most challenging games to be played. However, it is a bit difficult to bet as there are no in-game objectives that might be suitable for betting. Still, there are some options, and StarCraft betting is quite popular.

How To Bet on Esports

Starting your betting journey seems to be challenging. We offer a guide on how to begin. Nonetheless, please note that our guide can not guarantee any winnings. It is meant only as a tip.

  1. First off, you need to find the right bookie or betting site.
  2. Choose the game or tournament on which you want to bet. Preferably one with which you are familiar.
  3. Register for the desired bookie.
  4. Check if any specific sign-up bonuses can help you in your endeavours.
  5. Make a deposit. You need funds in order to bet.
  6. Choose the markets you think are the best.
  7. Place your bet on the market.

Esports Betting Tips and Strategy

After starting the betting journey, bettors might be interested in some betting tips. We offer our advice on what to do. However, please note that this will not guarantee any winnings. Our tips can only help you in finding the right markets.

  1. Research tournaments and competitions.
  2. Look for good odds in different games and betting lines.
  3. Find good betting value.
  4. Manage your bankroll well.
  5. Consider your preferred rewards.*

*Some esports betting sites only reward bettors with in-game coins or on-site rewards to use in the game. So if you want to win real money, consider betting on different sites.


In the following section, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding betting on esports.

Is esports betting legal in the Philippines?

You can legally bet on esports in the Philippines if you are 21+. Online betting is legal only if customers use bookies that are not based in the Philippines.

Is it possible to do live esports betting?

Yes, you can place live bets on certain games. Live betting offers additional information for bettors. The additional information can help you in predicting correctly.

Are there different types of bonuses available for esports betting?

There could be different promotions depending on the betting site you are using. You can always check the website before registering to see the available promotions.

Do all betting sites offer the same betting games and matches?

No, a sportsbook might not have the same options as an esports betting site. Similarly, there are always differences between betting sites.