The advancements in technology have made it easier to bet online. In the Philippines, there is less stigma about it, and it is becoming more and more popular. Some of the most popular sports to bet online in the Philippines are basketball and boxing.

However, if customers want to bet online in the Philippines, they will have to do it via some international sportsbook, using their app or website. While betting is legal if you are 21+, you can only place bets in person at the local bookie. In other words, online gambling is prohibited if the sportsbook is local.

Before you start placing your bets, you need to know the basics of online sports betting. Thus, we offer our guide where you can learn everything you need to know before you start.

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Different Types of Bets Online

There are various types of markets that you can try out in online betting. While we list some of the most popular, other options will depend on your preferred betting sites. There might be additional, or there might be some missing.


Moneyline bets are among the most straightforward predictions you can make. Customers are supposed to determine who the winner will be in one match. For example, in a match between Barangay Ginebra and San Miguel Beerman, you need to determine who the winner will be. You will probably see something like this:

TeamOdds To Win
Barangay Ginebra2.30
San Miguel Beermen1.65

In other words, you see that San Miguel Beermen are the favourites, and placing a bet of $10 for them to win could potentially bring you $16.50 if they win. However, despite San Miguel Beermen being favoured, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will win.

Totals (Over/Under)

Converge FiberXers vs Meralco Bolts

Over 176.51.90
Under 176.51.90

A totals bet is another one we recommend new bettors to start with because it is not complicated. Gamblers need to predict whether to combined points of both teams will be over or under a given line.

For example, in a match between Converge FiberXers and Meralco Bolts, the given line might be 176.5. If you bet over, and the total points of both teams combined are over the line, you win your bet. For example, this is how it might look at some bookies.

Furthermore, one bookie might offer more than one line. You can decide which one you think is the best. Similarly, different sportsbooks might offer different odds. Always compare odds when you want to bet online, and find the best odds for your market.


Parlays, or combo bets, are multiple single bets that you can put on the same slip. In other words, you have to predict multiple markets correctly to win. For example, you have put TNT Tropang Giga to beat Blackwater Elite, and Barangay Ginebra San Miguel to beat Meralco Bolts. If both teams you placed on your slip win, your bet is valid.

You can combine various bets and sports. You can bet on a certain fighter to win a boxing match, and a basketball team to win. Bettors are also free to place as many markets as they want. The advantage of parlays is high-risk, high reward. While increasing your potential winnings, you also decrease your winning because you have to predict multiple matches correctly.


Futures bets are also challenging to predict. Bettors need to predict, for example, who they think will be the cup or tournament winner. In other words, if you anticipate that Barangay Ginebra will win the Philippine Cup, you will have to wait for the tournament to end before knowing whether you were right.

Additional futures bets might also include who will be the highest-scoring player, Additional futures bets might also include who will be the highest-scoring player, who will have the most assists in a tournament etc. If you are betting on who you think will win a competition, it might look something like the following.

TeamOdds to Win Philippine Cup
TNT Tropang Giga3.00
San Miguel Beerman4.00
Phoenix Pulse Fuel Masters4.50
Barangay Ginebra San Miguel5.00
Meralco Bolts8.00
North Port Batang Pier11.00

In other words, you can see the odds for each team to win the tournament. If you bet online that Meralco Bolts will win and place a $10 stake, you might win $80 if they win the cup. This is difficult to predict because the team has to play multiple matches, not one.


Props bets are not directly related to the outcome of the match. These mainly include the performance of a player. For example, in football, you can bet on who you think will score in a game. In basketball, similar to over/under, the bookies give an individual line for each player. You predict whether he will score more or less than that.

Point Spread Bets

Point spread bets assign a particular handicap to a team in order to balance the odds. For example, The Meralco Bolts are considered stronger than Magnolia Hotshots. The bookies will assign a (-5.5) handicap to Meralco Bolts. If the Bolts win, but with a difference lesser than the given handicap, the win goes to Magnolia Hotshots.

Depending on how stronger one team is estimated to be than the other, the line might increase or decrease. This market might look like the following:

TeamOdds To Win With
Point Spreads
Meralco Bolts (-5.5)1.90
Magnolia Hotshots (+5.5)1.90

Handicap Bet

The handicap bet is the almost the same as a point spread bet. Handicap betting is popular because you might still win your bet even if your team loses. This type of betting is worth the shot if you are betting using real money. However, no market is easy to predict. Even if it looks easy, there is never a hundred percent guarantee that you will win.

Understanding Betting Odds

Before you start betting, you need to understand betting odds. There are multiple odds formats, and which one is displayed will depend on your preferred sportsbook. The odds formats include:

  • Fractional
  • Decimal
  • Moneyline

Betting games odds represent outcome probability for a specific event. For example, in fractional, if the odds for San Miguel Beerman to beat Phoenix Pulse Fuel Masters are 4/1, for every $1 you bet, you will win $4. In decimal, you multiply the odds with your stake, and you have your total winnings. The higher the odds for a team to win, the lesser their chance of winning is.

If you are having trouble understanding how much your bet return is, you can always use a betting calculator. Input your stake, the markets, and odds, and it will give an estimate of how much value is in that bet.

Understanding Probability and Value

Probability in betting is simple to understand. It is basically your chance of winning your bet. Calculating probability in a coin toss is easy. You have a 50% chance of tossing tails, and the same for tossing heads. Calculating probability in sports betting is practically impossible.

With so many factors involved, you can do all the analysis you want. You will never have a precise reading. The bookies calculate approximately the probability of something happening, and they base their odds on that. Similarly, you can calculate the probability based on odds. For example, if the odds for Meralco Bolts to beat Blackwater Elite are 1.60, you simply divide 1 with the odds. Thus, you get a 62.5% chance of Meralco Bolts winning.

Expected value is the calculation of how worth your bet is. It is calculated by deducting the probability multiplied by your stake, from the probability of winning multiplied by the amount won per bet. To understand this easier, here is an example.

The odds for Blackwater Elite winning against Meralco Bolts are 2.50. So if you place a $10 bet, you could potentially win $25. So your chances of winning are 40%. Your value would be calculated like this: (40% multiplied by $15) – (60% multiplied by $10, which is your stake). When you calculate that, you get $0.00. In other words, you would break even in the long run by betting on the same odds.

In practice, though, this is unlikely to happen as there are factors that will disrupt this perfect scenario. So this is just for your own estimate. It will not actually happen the way you calculate it.

Develop a Bankroll Management Plan

Bankroll management is an essential part of an online betting strategy. If you want to bet online and be successful, you really need to manage your funds. There are multiple steps and tips on how to do this. First and foremost, you should know your limits. Determine what you can bet. The point of this is that if you are left without funds that you dedicated for a certain time period, you do not fill up again.

Furthermore, in case you do make some winnings, be careful with what you do with them. Most bettors tend to return their winnings pretty soon. So just another of which you should be aware. There are hundreds of various tips that you can use to manage your bankroll. While this does not guarantee that you will be winning any money, it certainly helps.

How To Start Betting Online?

In case you are brand new in the gambling industry, we offer our guide on how to start to bet online. The starting process is rather simple. Here is how to do it.

  1. Find a suitable site to bet online.
  2. Open an account.
  3. Make a Deposit.
  4. Check available bonuses.
  5. Start Betting.
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Tips For Beginners for Sports Betting

Previously, we explained how to start your betting journey. Now we offer some tips to help you in your betting journey. However, please note that this can not guarantee any winnings. In other words, these are just some things you should consider before betting.

Do Your Research

Before you start to bet online on any league or sport, you should do your research. Check every bit of information you have, stats, head-to-head score, previous form, etc. While once again, this will not guarantee correct predictions, it will help you better understand what to expect.

Great job. This is the first step every bettor should take before betting online. Overall, this is also one of the steps that will help you the most when you want to bet online.

Have Realistic Expectations

Another tip to follow is to be realistic. Yes, betting on higher odds does indeed bring higher rewards. But that is not without reason. That means that there is a lower chance of those odds coming to fruition. In other words, be realistic in your expectations.

Bet on Sports That You Know Well

One of the implied tips is to bet on sports that you know well. For example, if you are not familiar with snooker, don’t bet on it. Stick to sports that you know they work. Even in specific sports, it is always better to bet on leagues or teams that you know. If you are in the Philippines, betting on the PBA is better than betting on snooker.

Keep a Record of Your Bets

If you are making multiple bets during the day, always keep track of your bets. Try not to have the same market on multiple slips because you can never be certain of the match’s outcome. Even if you think it is 100%, it is never like that. And one bet can lose you multiple slips.

Find the Best Betting Sites

Fiding the right bookies that suit your needs is a great way to improve your betting experience. Various bookies offer different promotions, for example. Then one sportsbook might have some markets that another doesn’t. Make sure to find the one that works for you.

Try Different Strategies

If you notice that your current plan is not working, you can always try a different strategy. Try changing things a little bit, different markets or leagues. There are endless possibilities if you want to bet online. It is just a matter of finding the right strategy.