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The growing online industry is just another proof that both casino games and sports betting has always been an important part of Filipino culture.

These particular industries evolved through time with the inclusion of more variety of bets, types of games, betting markets and special promotions.

The Philippines is not just a hub for international online operators, but it’s where you can find passionate Filipino sports fans who love to bet on sporting events and casino players that will enjoy playing online games.

Online Betting

Online Betting Sites & Online Casinos

Let’s face it – technology has changed the way people play!

Sports betting was only operable through brick-and-mortar (or offline) spots for ages. However, with the advent of technology, it has turned to online platforms, with the industry seeing a boom in the past years. There is no difference when it comes to online casino games as well.

Just like the rest of its peers in Asia, the Philippines has been experiencing this boom in the last few years.

Online betting and gaming, which refers to the act of placing bets, playing games, or wagers through betting apps or websites, has become very popular over the past few years, as it provides players with a wide array of advantages.

Compared to traditional betting and gaming, online platforms give you more freedom. You can play from almost anywhere — whether you’re at home or in the office — and anytime, as long as you have access to the internet. What’s more, compared to the traditional scheme where users can only wager on a limited number of markets, online betting offers a lot of choices.

Nowadays, you can find a long list of credible online gambling and betting sites all over the world. Apart from the many different sports and events that you can bet on, all these online sportsbooks offer competitive betting odds, special features and great bonuses to make your online betting experience even more enjoyable.

The same goes with casino games, as operators tend to offer many games spread out through different categories, like table games, blackjack online, casino slot machines, and more. They create their gaming platforms in the most suitable manner possible so they can cater to all casino players. Furthermore, they also see to it that they add appropriate casino bonuses to correspond to the type of players.

You can place bets on sports such as basketball and football and in different leagues like NBA without violating any laws on gambling? Under the present regulations, Philippine online betting services based here can only offer services to outside players, which leaves sports fans here with limited Filipino-based betting choices.

Licensed offshore sportsbooks are considered legal and accept Filipino bettors. Filipino sports fans can use offshore sportsbooks to bet on different sports that are government regulated.

Casino Philipines online games are very much legal and local people can play them. However, local Filipino-based operators are not allowed to offer any type of services to Filipino players, whether they are sports betting options or online gambling for real money.

As long as the operator is licensed by their local gaming commissions and regulatory agencies they are perfectly legal to offer any gambling in the Philippines to local residents. The casino Philippines online sports betting laws were initially set up by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. But, over the years, certain amendments have been added in order to fine-tune the oral Philippines online gambling industry.

While Filipinos are interested in a variety of sports, they love basketball the most. There’s a lot of action happening in the FIBA World Cup and the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). Of course, NBA betting reigns supreme as well. Especially during peak seasons, online NBA betting in the Philippines accelerates as everyone awaits the winning teams.

But besides NBA online betting, PBA betting is starting to gain more ground when it comes to sports wagering in the Philippines. PBA is an amalgam of both NBA and FIBA rules, making it quite unique to play and watch. At the same time, it can be a very amusing online betting Philippines experience for a variety of players.

Football is also very popular, with many Filipinos betting on international leagues like the English Premier League and major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup.

While the majority of bettors focus on basketball and football, it is important to say that, thanks to online best betting sites, they can place bets on almost any sporting event around the world:

👘Mixed martial arts (MMA)
🏇Horse Racing
Sports Betting Strategy for Online Betting

Sports Betting Strategy

If you want to begin your online sports betting journey, you need to know the basics. The truth is, the thing that divides successful bettors from unsuccessful ones is strategy. Betting pros know the game.

For instance, NBA betting is unique as there are a variety of markets that involve both the teams and individual palfreys. Covering the spread or betting on an over/under result is also possible. However, if you are not sure about those, betting on the match winner is still very much a possibility. The same thing goes with PBA betting or any other type of basketball-related bets.

Other sports, like football or boxing betting, require an entirely different strategy. But relates to all is having vast knowledge and background about the sport that you plan to wager on and also being up to date with all the current events. Devising a suitable strategy, in that case, becomes much easier.

If you are new to betting online, going with a safe betting strategy is the most ideal. As time goes by, you will develop better strategies that suit your style. Plus, you can find a lot of betting guides that will help you get through the complexities of this world.

There are various types of guides that you can find on our website, such as our NBA online betting guide and football betting guide.

How to Bet on Sports Online

So, how to start betting online? It’s easy. There are a lot of sports betting sites for NBA and other sports online that are really simple to use. Here’s a step by step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Find a suitable site – With the sheer number of sites available, this could be challenging. Of course, you can choose one at random, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Most sites are safe but they are not all of equal standard.
  2. Open an account – You just need to visit the homepage of the site which you have chosen, and look for the button “join now” button. Almost all sports betting sites display this button, so no worries.
  3. Make a deposit – You need to deposit some funds before playing. Look for a button that says “deposit funds” or “my account.” You can pay through credit/debit card, e-wallet, bank wire, money transfer or check.
  4. Check the available bonuses – Almost all the bookies offer some kind of welcome bonus to attract new customers. So, don’t forget to check it out. Also, the brands come up with various promotional offers for existing clients. The only important thing is to take a look at their T&Cs before you decide to qualify for one of them.
  5. Start betting – You’re ready to go! Sites display a list of various sports. All you have to do is click on each sport, and a list of the currently available betting markets will pop up.

Philippines Online Casino

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Choosing the Best Online Casino in Philippines

Casino Philippines online can be very exciting and easy to play. Best online casino Philippines give their best to create a perfect environment for each player. This allows all participants to have the best online experience one could hope for.

But it works best when you have more options. That way the variety of both games, experiences, and services can double or even triple for you. So it works best for you to try your luck with a variety of casino Philippines online sports betting operators.

We propose checking out some of the most reputable online casinos with the help of our guide. Also, there are a few things that you should take into account when choosing the operator with which you want to play with. These would be.

  • Security;
  • Ease of payment methods;
  • Wide variety of online casino games.

Having a safe option is an important factor. Players will feel much more comfortable when going for a certain operator. Online casinos should also add a variety of payment methods. That way, they cater to all of the fans that want to join. And finally, and probably most importantly, a band should incorporate as many online casino games as they possibly can. This means online poker Philippines, online baccarat, roulette wheel games, casino slot machine, and more.

If you are planning to set sail on an exciting adventure with a new operator, it is vital to take into account the mentioned parts. You can also take a look at some online poker terms as an added help.

Online Casino Reviews

When choosing casino Philippines online sports betting platforms, it is important to take into consideration a variety of reviews. Those can help you make the right decision. The reviews may hold the key and pieces of information that you can’t see yourself. Or are unable to realize without registering an account.

We can help you with a variety of reviews for the best casino sites that can serve as a starting point for your casino adventure. It is necessary to take as many factors as possible before eventually signing up. If your intention is to stay long term with an operator, then it is best for you to choose a perfect operator right off the bat. So you don’t have to change all the time.

If you want to know more about online betting in the Philippines and a successful betting strategy, head on over to our Betting Calculator guide!