How to Choose the Best Betting Sites?

Finding the best betting sites requires time and research. Therefore, we are here to help you by outlining the whole process below.

Don’t forget – Bookmakers are absolutely essential to the betting process. The right bookmaker is an operator that you can trust. Plus, it also provides the best possible quality of service to its users, great promotions, fast and efficient customer service, a variety of betting markets and great odds among others.

Keep reading and learn more about the best betting sites, how and where to find them.

What to Expect from the Best Betting Sites?

Choosing a bookmaker is like choosing a new laptop. You’ll probably have it for the next 5-10 years before needing to upgrade. At the end of the day, you’ll have to take a look at all of the best betting sites and the different bookies that are available to you. We’ve narrowed down all the important factors in choosing the right bookie below.


Betting sites with no proper license to operate could be shut down easily. Make sure that the betting sites have a trusted reputation by reading experts’ opinions and player reviews to get a better idea of how the site operates. Checking reviews from websites and articles that are solely dedicated to online sports bettings could be extremely helpful.

Sportsbook’s depth and quality

Different sportsbooks offer different betting odds. The best betting sites offer the best odds, of course. Additionally, keep in mind that the betting world doesn’t solely revolve around sports. It is best to make sure that the different betting sites that you’re picking from offer other options as well, which include casinos, poker rooms, the lottery, and horse racing.

The quality of the offered services, as well as the value of the betting odds, also differ between operators so it would be best to consider these as well – just in case you might look to expand your portfolio in the future. The betting odds are one of the most significant factors that you have to take into account, and it is precisely because of the competitive and ever-changing nature of these odds that you would have to research on the different platforms deeply.

Additionally, the best betting sites should offer some special options, like in-play betting or the possibility to cash out your bets. It might not seem like a big deal right now but these features are something that significantly improves your user experience.

Easy navigation and intuitive interface

Although this might not be the most crucial factor when choosing the best betting sites, the operator’s online betting site or its mobile app must be easy to navigate. The reliability is also one of the key factors you should take into account. You wouldn’t want it to fail you during those crucial moments where server traffic becomes high.

Best Betting Sites

Welcome Offers Offers for New Users

Although a higher welcome bonus makes the various betting sites seem like the most appealing choice, remember that they always come with a catch as nothing ever comes free.

Some sites offer 100%, 200%, or even 300% bonuses to their new clients but never be fooled by a welcome bonus that seems too good to be true. Often, the bigger the welcome bonus, the longer it takes before you could withdraw your funds. However, the best betting sites will offer a welcome bonus but also pretty fair terms and conditions that go hand in hand with the promotion.

The good news is that the sportsbooks don’t stop there. The majority of online sports betting operators provide different types of promotions for their existing clients too. Therefore, let’s see what kinds of other bonuses we should expect.

Other Promotions

As said above, aside from welcome bonuses, sports betting operators also offer long-term promotions to their more faithful and loyal consumers. Some of the most common promotions, aside from sign up offers, are the following ones:

  • Reload Bonus. Reload bonuses are identical to some of the welcome bonuses that one receives except that it is offered primarily to existing clients. It allows you to claim a percentage of the funds as a bonus. For instance, you can see an offer that could bring you 150% of your deposited amount.
  • No-Deposit Bonus. A no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like. It’s merely a small amount that you get for signing up – no deposit required. These are usually around 250Php to 2500Php and serve as an excellent incentive to test the sportsbooks and perhaps, make it your primary option.
  • Refer a friend. The promotion is exactly as it sounds – refer a friend to the best betting sites and you’ll get a bonus, otherwise known as a ‘finders fee’. As they are usually substantially larger amounts than, say, a no-deposit bonus, you will only be credited with the promotion given that your friend makes an initial deposit.
  • Free Bets. As opposed to other promotions, ‘free bets’ aren’t exactly free. A better description could instead be a ‘risk-free’ bet, an offer for insurance. Take, for example, a bet of Php2500. If you were to lose, the bookie would reimburse you the Php2500. If you were to win, you would receive your winnings and nothing more. Essentially, you only receive the bonus if you were to lose.

Available Payment Methods

An often-overlooked factor that comes into online sports betting is how accessible your money is and how fast you can withdraw and deposit money. As a client, it is important to know that your transactions are fast, easy, and most especially, safe. As an important note, it is essential to the process that you check the different fees that the different betting sites have, as this may vary from bookie to bookie.

Make sure to also check that your desired payment method is available, as oftentimes, Philippine bank accounts cannot be linked to your betting account. Often, one would have to make use of online wallets such as Click2Pay or NETELLER, the latter still remains the best option for transactions associated with gambling sites.

Customer Support

Customer Support is another important factor to take into when it comes to choosing a betting site. Sooner or later, you will most likely have to contact these individuals, whether it’s about documents, identity checks, deposits, withdrawals or anything else related to the site. Customer support is normally open 24/7 for all clients and could normally be contacted via email, social media, live chat, or perhaps even a contact phone number.

Where to bet on sports?

It’s important to pick the best betting sites out there so that you could simply enjoy your betting adventure. Not to mention the best betting odds and some special promotions that can enhance your betting experience.

We know that this information is a lot to take in. That’s why you can always check out our betting guides to find the right sports betting option for you.