DFNN’s interactive entertainment has acquired a license with the help of their interactive entertainment unit to help them open their Inplay casino brand in the Philippines. The said unit already possesses a PAGCOR license, which allows it to provide services to Internet cafes within the country.

DFNN receiving its online casino license will result in them becoming the first online casino operator in the Philippines. The brand is already in the middle of launching a platform that will reportedly be available for VIP players only.

Inplay Casino Bonus Offer

With the launch of a new online platform, players will expect to get an welcome bonus. We are not entirely sure how it will look, but it will more than likely reward new players for signing up with the operator.

Inplay Casino is a new platform and the best way to build up its player base is to entice them with a fabulous welcome offer. As soon as the brand goes live, more light will be shed on the entire situation.

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Inplay Casino

Bonus Terms and Conditions

The exact terms and conditions about the Inplay casino welcome bonus will be revealed upon the brand’s launch. The only thing that we know for certain is that no minors nor banned personalities are allowed to participate.

Only VIP players that have previously been added to the Inplay’s tracking system can qualify for the promotion and use the online platform as well.

Inplay Registration Process

Before you start playing casino games, you will need to register a user account with the operator. This step may also be the initial one that will allow you to gain the Inplay casino welcome bonus. Additionally, having an account opens up all the possibilities that the website offers.

Step by step Inplay registration:

  1. Visit the Inplay website;
  2. Locate and click the sign up button;
  3. Provide the requested information;
  4. Confirm your account.

Inplay Live Casino

One of the prime features of every online casino is the live option. Playing live casino games gives you a feeling like you are there and not home in front of a screen. It is still not certain if Inplay live casino is going to be available immediately at the start, but there is a good possibility that they might add it later.

Inplay Casino App

The availability of the app is still in question. In fact, there is no news that supports the claim of an Inplay casino app existing, at least for now. They will probably want to attract players that prefer playing games using an app, but those users will have to hold on a bit and wait for the app’s release.

Until the mobile app becomes available, players will likely be able to use the browser on their phones to access the site and play games that way.

Available Payment Options

As of the time of writing the article, payment options remain unknown. However, this will all change once Inplay casino goes live. There are probably going to be multiple payment options made available in order to cater to a broader base of players. More details will come after the launch.

Inplay Casino Review Conclusion

Up until now, there were no online casinos in the Philippines. Inplay is going to be their first online casino provider that is supposed to give local players a taste of some traditional casino games.

However, it seems that only VIP users will be allowed to play. So It remains to be determined what it takes to get on the list.

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